#700066S   C.O.N.E. swim pant
Male (28-38) - color: orange/white
Long lasting, quick drying 100% Cone®™ micro fiber

Be attractive and stylish with one of these high quality, high impact 'cone' style bathing suits. Look cool by the Relto Pool, Hood Fountain or on the Ahnonay Beach !

The style, design and color of the suit pictured on the left is the one you will get. Sorry, but there are no additional color options other than those shown in the picture.

All suits are specially made to hold up to frequent washings as well as contaminated Aegura lake water exposure. The lightweight & fast drying special Cone® spandex material (generated from original disused cones by our particular patented material recycling procedure) provides a comfortable fit.

Rest assured that the bathing suit you get will be guaranteed 100% new and sterile and directly sent to your custom avatars age. We do not sell re-packs! Being such, please be aware that due to Department of Health Regulations, we are unable to accept returns on used or worn Swimwear. We will accept returns on any suit that is returned in original condition within 30 days.

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Price: $ 19.90   $ 9.95 

Sorry, if you are an international customer, please note that CONE® Swimsuits are currently only available to our valued US customers. If you are a U.S. customer traveling abroad, we are sorry for you, too.